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$20,000 bushing Dan? lol - I know that feel

I miss having lathe access terribly, it's just one of those tools that it seems the more you use it - the more you will use it, in the height of my tinkering it felt like I needed (or wanted) a reason to chuck some bit or another in & give it a whirl, no matter what the project may be.

As you've mentioned bushings, I figured you might like this lil set - at the time I wasn't even sure it was something I needed to do, rather another excuse to play with the lathe. As my suspension project was going to be subject to far greater loads & speeds then the bicycle components were designed for, I grabbed a chunk of old prop shaft and spun a new set to replace the walmart plastic;

Sad to say, that lathe is no more - a bit tired & tattered to begin with there wasn't any more budget or time allotted for it's maintenance & repair after the foreman quit (for very similar reasons), I continued to care for & use it as best I was able, but when the motor quit and the only person "inconvenienced" was the 'puter guy in his off hours (me ofc) - it was decided a lathe wasn't needful in a fabrication shop... I know right? lol

I can't seem to find a better, complete pic of the thing - but here's most of it behind the Rollfast it also helped build (vintage shouldered bolts & whatnot);

...may the good lathe rust in peace *bows head*
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