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Default Re: Typical top speed......

I must be missing something because I have serious skills and a seriously modified china 66cc (there are no 80cc china engines) bolted into a seriously high quality 26" bike and the best I can achieve is 35mph on level pavement in a full racer tuck. I was running a 36tooth sprocket on an adaptor and no shift kit. In the process I lost way to much torque and had to peddle to much. I went back to a 40t and a very quick 0 to 32 mph top speed with no tuck. I can climb and accelerate up most hills and I can accelerate hard out of a curve. At about 20mph I can tug up on the bars and twist the throttle to pull the front wheel up with out peddling. My bike cruses real good at 26 mph and with a simple twist of the throttle I can zoom right up to 32 mph while remaining comfortably seated.

My goal is to cruse at 35 mph...

I met a guy a few weeks ago and he was riding a cruiser with a brand new box stock 66cc china girl and drive train. The bike looked great. He swore up and down it did 40mph, but wouldn't ride along side me to prove it. Later I saw his bike on craigslist claiming it had a 80cc and went 40mph...
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