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Default Re: Typical top speed......

2 weeks ago, I rode my bike 5.5 miles to the Kentucky Horse Park and hit 43MPH going down a hill. Prior to the hill, I had hit 41. Both times, gas came foaming out of the cap of the gas tank (maybe I had it too full?).

As I was riding, the gas poured out enough to soak my pant legs and shoes. After hitting 43, I noticed that no matter the speed gas kept dripping from the tank. I guess the vibration it caused either pulled one of the mounting studs enough to make it leak or a questionable weld on the fitting collar came loose.

I have a K&N filter, have cleaned all engine ports with a dremel tool, and have the rear sprocket upgrade (25 tooth?).

Believe me or not, I don't care. I remember all the drama and people not believing others' speed posts, but I'm not here to impress - just to inform of my experience. Thankfully, I have another engine kit still in the box and was able to replace my gas tank with it, although I would love to have a higher capacity tank and in PLASTIC. I would also love to hear of any experiences with the expansion chamber exhausts and if they help in acceleration or top-end.

I'm hoping to load my bike trailer with camping gear sometime and see how it goes.

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