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Default Hi my name is john, starting first build with sd stinger and shift kit

Hello thanks for veiwing my thread im new to all of this but i am mechanical so this seems fun. Anyways heres my plan so far as far as parts. Everything is coming in the mail already just waiting and doing research.

Khs police mountain bike 21"
Sd stinger motor kit
Sick bike parts Hd shift kit
Sbp right and left chain tensioners
Sbp expansion chamber
Sbp rear mega range rear cassette
The new multi speed stretch proof
Maxxis hookworms

Anyways i plan on doing some custom intake ram air thing with a stocking over it as a filter, i plan on using this bike as a daily and weekend racer so if anyone has any advice would be really helpful. Ive already sank in around 1000 so any free or cheap mods are the best right. I also plan on port matching the exaust tubes to the gasket. I have most all my sbp order but still waiting for my sd stinger. Im soo excited for my first build and i want to do it proper from the start so thanks for any help out there.
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