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Default Re: Gasket sealant?

I don't use gasket sealant on most gaskets for my China girls, only if I feel that the surface may not be perfect. Then I use gasket sealant on one side only, so that it allows for easy reuse on disassembly.
For example I may use gasket sealant on carb side of intake manifold.
I only use Loctite 3 aviation gasket sealant. as it is slow drying and allows for disassembly for a period of time if necessary with out ruining gasket.
For exhaust a little muffler putty is not a bad idea.
Silver paint is also good for head gaskets if you are worried about it not sealing perfectly.
As a Volkswagen mechanic, I would use silver paint to seal case halves as they have no gasket.
Never use silicone Gasket Sealant, except maybe on an exhaust. Or if you can not get a sump gasket and you never expect to have to remove sump again (engine is a POS) as it is hard to get it all off, and can block oil galleries.
I have been a mechanic for 25 years.

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