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Default Re: Gasket sealant?

Originally Posted by Toothy View Post
Good point. Its a China girl. The intake, muffler and head are aluminum and the lower head is not here yet but I ordered the green material type.
Go to auto parts store like Auto Zone and over where the have th gasket sealers and such look for a spray can of a gasket sealer called Copper Coat or Copper Koat, cant remember how it's spelled for sure but that is a very good product that can be used on all the gaskets on the china girl engines, just hang the gasket up on a piece of wire and give it a light to medium coat and let it dry over night or at least for a few hours, its a great product and will take the heat without burning off, I been using it for 30+ years on all sorts of surfaces and gaskets and it just plain works.

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