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Default Re: does anybody beleive these power claims are accurate?

Without mentioning the brand but showing some specs on this 4000 watt stereo amplifier, you would wonder how it is 4000 watts

If 8 Ohms into two stereo speakers it does 250 each that is 500 watts

They don't mention you can use it in 2 ohm speakers so the Distortion Spec is just for 4 or 8 OHM.

They call it 4000 watts by considering as if it were to be used into 2 OHMS.

Then 2 is 1/4 the resistance of 8 and 500 * 8 equals 4000 watts. 2000 watts into 2 separate stereo speakers that you cannot use without compromising or maybe even damaging your amplifier.

The rating also of 4000 watts you would not usually be using anyway, what it does is allow at lower volume setting at less power give less distortion.

What I mean is comparatively if you use a 1000 watt amp and set to the same volume level you would likely get a bit more distortion. Its like having a bigger power reserve you never intend to use on the higher output amplifier just so it sounds better.

I'm not saying the products are not good, but I think it is deceptive advertizing.

Power Output:

8 Ohm Stereo: 2x250W RMS
4 Ohm Stereo: 2x350W RMS
8 Ohm Bridged: 700W RMS

Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.1 percent
Input sensitivity and Impedance: 0.77v
Signal to Noise (20 Hz 20 kHz): > 90dB

Find me an electric motor that is 2 ohms and has the same voltage as this amplifier and you have 4000 / 746 = 5.4hp that plays in time to the music.

See apples and oranges

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