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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

well today on my daily commute home from my course i was going at approx 54km an hour when i could feel my motor surging and not running right, so i just dropped it a gear and revved it, next thing i know i had no power.
little did i realise, my chain that goes from the engine sprocket to jackshaft sprocket had been wearing quite bad and snapped when i revved the engine.

so i went back down the road, picked up my broken chain and had to pedal home (my body did not agree lol!)

i just finished cutting up some already used chain (so i dont have to worry about stretching ) and i have gone back to old school bearing grease, and i am never using the lube i bought from the bike shop that dries into a wax because it doesnt work!!

hows everyone else going?
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