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Default Re: dialing in your welder feed rate setting

Originally Posted by jared8783 View Post
Man If I had to pick only one power cutting tool I could own it would be a 4.5" angle grinder. With some cutting wheels, grinding discs, and flap discs you would be surprised just how professional of a product you could make with that. I could easily modify a fresh chassis i from the ford factory into a motorhome chassis with tube steel with the only cutting tool being an angle grinder from start to finish and ready to paint. Time consuming vs big band saws cutting 50 tubes at once. Man I love me my angle grinders.

Keep in mind you can pull the wire back to drop the voltage to help fill gaps.

I've got two welders at home, a 115 harbor freight flux core mig, and a 230v 100 sec amp (whatever sec amps means) gas mig welder. Both are twenty percent duty cycle. I'm disatisified with both of them. But they function properly. I probably don't like them cause I'm used to 480v 3 phase 300 amp 100% duty cycle welders.
Maybe for the cost an 100 percent duty cycle a torch instead. Jokingly!

I just realized I had been over doing it and getting crummy welds when not stopping welding after 2 minutes and waiting another 8 before starting again. I do stop occasionally and just let the fan keep running.

Most recently I found the wire though was stuck, no it was like an interlock, with the motor and the transformer getting used too much. I needed not to clean the tip, just was too long using it at high #3 of 4 power setting.

Its a Hobart Auto Arc 130 runs on 120vac household outlet.

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