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Default Re: does anybody beleive these power claims are accurate?

There is a very over priced 'R80' on the market in OZ, as opposed to standard A80.
Which they claim both are an up grade to the 'F80'.
My experience is the F80 is superior.
the A80 has the 38mm crank and angle fire head.
The R80 has a 40mm crank and angle fire head.
the F80 has 40mm crank and straight fire head.
The straight fire head with a little work is far superior.
As is the 40mm stroke.
I can only find 2 vendors in OZ on Ebay that sell the F80.
The rest often have a picture of an F80, but further down the add there will be a motor with an angle fire head.
Look for the adds that state 40mm stroke.
The better motors are $180.
Do not try and save your self $30.
Do not expect the same performance from a 38mm anglefire motor.
The F80's have larger ports, better cooling capacity, more torque and with a bit of a rework to the head be a much faster motor.
Do not be fooled by false claims of higher compression, better bearings ect. and again do not try and save your self $30.
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