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Default Re: does anybody beleive these power claims are accurate?

Saw similar the other week ,saw a guy with a motorised bike so stopped to chat with him ,he had a standard chinagirl with speed carby and that's it ,it was the black model ,he stated it was a racing motor and he purchased it for $350 from a local chinagirl dealer , I went to the address looking for an EXP chamber exhaust and low and behold he,s selling the A1 standard chinagirl as a racing motor with 6hp at 6k , I asked him to have a look at the specs on the manual and it is nothing but a standard a1angle fire in black with a speed carby and nothing more ,no porting ,no compression increase nothing ,just a stock standard 66cc ,I proceed to ask him questions pertaining to mileage and speeds ,he says the average cruising speed is 30mph for a racing motor and mileage is 150 to 200 miles ( yes miles not km) per tank
Should have seen the sharp look he gave me when I told him my standard chinagirl runs similar numbers except fuel consumption ,I'm currently on about 100-120 km per 2l tank

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