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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by needtransportation View Post
Took her on a test ride with no helmet, brakes, or shoes....
I have learned my lesson and she will be locked safely away in the garage until I put brakes on it and buy a helmet.
There's a name for folks like you, they're called Organ Donors. Seriously, a $40.00 Walmart Bicycle helmet is better than nothing. A true DOT motorcycle helmet is prefered, but most motorized bicycles won't hit 60 MPH, so a bicycle helmet could suffice.

I made a deal with my wife, if I was gonna get/build a motorbike, I HAD to wear a helmet. "I'd rather visit you in the hospital than identify you in a morgue," she said. Makes sense too when put that way.

And no brakes? The most important device on any motorized vehicle are the brakes. I'm willing to bet real money that you know better than that. Shame on you. On the other hand, the fact that you not only survived but also shared this tale of woe serves as a lesson for the rest of us. If you can't be a good example, then be a horrible warning. Thank whatever Higher Power you believe in that it was not worse, I know I am grateful you survived. Thank you & kudos on ya for the courage to admit it. I don't wanna bash on you or preach, your ordeal & humiliation is enough. It bugs me when folks engaged in our (hobby?lifestyle?) do foolish things because it may lead to more rules & laws infringing upon us or even outlawing our roadcraft. There's too much legislation on the books already, we don't need to give the powers that be more reasons to be against us.

Please be safer in the future. You and me and most everyone reading this belong to a sort of brotherhood. I would loathe if one of us perished over something that could have easily been avoided.
By the holy power of Love, Life & Laughter, I commend you to Go Forth & Be Awesome!
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