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Default Re: Are we "Bikesters"?

I think the post above is very prejudicial and stereo typical and someone has a dislike of those categories he mentions simply because he is sorta programmed to, and the justification of his peers, because as Americans we are entitled to rage at each other in certain lower classes, but not at the people actually running business AND government.

But about the term "Bikesters"-
Yesterday when I read this thread I thought it not too bad, but not specific to our niche-
which should share just as much with the world of cycling as with any motorhead of any sort-
more perhaps-

but now today after thinking about it, I HATE it. I hate it a lot.
especdially at this moment in time

And for this reason- it evokes an association with the word "STIR"
and as I see it- and I'm very sensitiver to this issue,
there is already underway a Bike STIR that's purposeful and directed against cyclists in general and motorized bikers in turn by proxy

As a journalism major of long ago, its my pleasure in the age of internet, to read several papers a day, or more if I want- I have them on my favorites list-

but as an age old bike racer I'm troubled by a trend I see concerning cycling issues- usually reports of some accident- and then the volley of hostility the comments section often generates- among a disgruntled people wanting to take their anger and displeasures out on who they can- and cyclists have become that-

the mob can't take it out on the boss or much of anything else the mob considers "normal" in a suddenly more conformist, intense and serious nation.
All bike riders of any sort are to a lot of people who are NEVER on one are just another source that slows them up for a moment or two occassionally,

and the transference principle of psychology we all learned in college directs their own frustrations in that direction- the boss hassles them, so on their way home they find some cyclist to use as a speed bump- or hope they can.

So in short, again, I think there's another kind of "stir" against two wheelers already.

anyway that's why I don't like the term "bikesters" as a name for us.

I kinda like the name "hipsters" though because they might be like hippies or flower children and against the wars, which only stirs anger around us. Hipsters I think are people who see the need to not be trying to be living largest all the time maybe.
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