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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by needtransportation View Post
Thanks greg I ordered them and wont ride til they arrive.

Is there a way to know if a helmet on ebay is DOT approved or if the seller is just saying that? I found a nice looking chrome german style half helmet that looks cool and is fairly priced at about $40 shipped. I really dont think the standard walmart bike helmet is safe at road speeds and I want to at least get my kids out of diapers and eating solid food before im wearing them and eating from a tube.

A $40 helmet is most likely a novelty helmet. Good for looks, not protection.
Hopefully the seller will include a photo of the certification tag otherwise you have to take their word on it.
Every DOT helmet has either a tag stitched into the lining or a sticker affixed to the inner shell stating it's rating. Some even have both.
Never rely on a simple "DOT" sticker on the back of the helmet. In fact modern helmets can no longer use this simple sticker. Any external markings need to be applied before the factory shoots the final clear coat, thus sealing the marking. This does not apply to older helmets that were made before the new law regarding external marking. That said, "they" recommend replacing a helmet every 5 years and destroying the old one. I personally do not subscribe to that recommendation.

Google "FMVSS 218" fore more info
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