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Default Re: Are we "Bikesters"?

I have always disliked the term "Hipsters" and the type of people that this refers to. I have always found them to be fake and undeserving of the attention that they are trying to get.
They wear 'fedoras' that are not real, they wear glasses that are not real (frames with no lenses). Everything is about their image, which is manufactured to look cool (they think).
Up in Van here we have some people we can "Spandexers". They are the hoi paloi of the biking world. They bike in the winter (what we have of it) in their spandex because they must get to their office job just that .001 seconds faster. They look down on any one who is not of their world. I have been given the finger by more Spandexers than by motorists.

All in all I am not a fan of adding that "sters" to us. Most the the rest of the world thinks that it is an insult or at least derogatory.

My 2 cents.
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