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Default Re: Had my little putter for a year now...

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
I'll play this game!
I like fun!

Please have a look at the STUFF in the picture below.

IMO that is a LOT of very useful spare parts for $135 AND you get that complete, assembled engine.

Your call.

That's how I got this motor. if I lived on the mainland I would have gotten the motor for 130.00 or 140.00 with free shipping but becasue I'm in Hawaii it cost extra to get it shipped out here. I had a long involved conversation with the guy, about the cheapest shipping methods to get it to me.

But it's a moot point at the moment, since I've scavenged a bunch of the parts from the 66/80cc to keep the new bike running. The old bike has been sitting so long at this point that I'm not sure its worth trying to fix anymore. Hawaii's humidity is a *****.
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