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Default Re: Uk Oil???

hey mate.
just make sure when ur running in the engine you hav oil coming out the exhaust.
This mean u have 2 much oil but that is ALOT better then 2 little oil.
it just means u will have to take out the spark plug and clean it with a cloth and maby a little bit of sandpaper.

If u can get ur hands on motul oil they are argubly the best lubrication oil.
I just had a look on their website and they got like 7 different types on 2 stroke oil.

Just a little off track but check out what the motul website says bout this oil.

MOTO MIX 2T is a mineral-based 2-stroke lubricant specially formulated for the latest generation of moped engines. Mixes easily and instantly with gasoline, MOTO MIX 2T has been developed to manufacturers' requirements. MOTO MIX 2T lowers carbon deposit and minimises spark plug fouling.

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