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Default Re: I need some suggestions!

Is really cool to read ya didn't just give up and are still slugging away at it, Nathan. Great to see some one your age not just saying forget it. LOL, when I was 15, couldn't stay focused for 3 minutes at a time. That was only if I concentrated real hard.

Saw on you'r profile page that you were into iphone repair and was thinking an ebike might be a great option. No vibes, one moving part in the motor, does not draw unwanted attention and a really great learning opportunity.

Don't know how big your school is but if you have any shop classes or opportunities, could be great for ya.

OH! any local lawnmower repair places around? Ya offer to trade some labor for advice, help and to use some tools and most people will really enjoy helping a school kid out.

This is big time "Win/Win" You get your bike running/built. They get the parking lot swept or what ever (and these crazy things are magnets for folks who turn wrenches for a living) All that and people want to help you succeed. Most especially helping you learn how to do it.

Dunno but really hope this helps and look forward to seeing your success.
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