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Default Re: What more can I do (please read)

I have run 36T on stock well tuned xhina girls with a good free flowing e haust with great results, 32-34 mph cruise speed all day long and 37-38mph top vibrate your socks ofd!

If the carb isn't jetted right and the exhaust is rwstrictive you wont ever have good top speed and hill climbing power period..... no matter what sprocket is used.

All I can vouch for is my own experiences with my bikes and all the changes I've made on them over the years, a well tuned NT carb will give you a good cruise speed if all else is right no need for a big honking carb unless there is a lot of work done on the engine, the RT dellorto sha clones are good for low and mid power but do not get me the top speeds that I've got from the little NT carbs, they just need to be jetted right once you get everything else where you want it for best performance.

Personally I think the 36T sprocket is the best all around sprocket if your area isn't way to hilly and your weight. Isn't to high, im at 210lbs and I cruise at 42mph nicely on my fastest bike and its running a 36T and it pulls me up all the hills around where I live with ease.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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