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Default Re: What more can I do (please read)

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
You will not ever get a single speed china girl build to run over 35mph without it being at a high rev, I have one bike that has seen 45-48+mph and that is running a 36T sprocket wound up as tight as a fiddle string......... it cruises at 40-42mph comfortably.

The engine has had some port work I did and basically a straight through exhaust with a well tuned NT carb.... 9000+ RPM several times but I tey to keep it toned down a bit so it will last a while longer.

On a basically stock engine 37mph with a nice cruise speed at 32-34mph is not bad.

That's true as long as I can keep with traffic I'm fine "you can only push a china girl so far"
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