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Default Re: Hey guys! Have a cruiser bike and hill climbing power would be nice..

Everything Allen said and more. If the bike is going to be hauling loads of 300lbs. you will need as much mid range and low end torque as possible. The easiest and least expensive engine kits to install are the 2 stroke china kits. They are also the most unreliable, and more expensive to create more power, which in turn makes them even less reliable. A vicious circle for sure.
A 4 stroke may serve you better. They have more torque right out of the box than a 2 stroke, but they are more expensive and more complicated to install. Performance upgrades cost about the same and as long as you don't take it to the limit it will remain reliable enough for a daily rider. A 4 stroke also has the added advantage of not having to mix gas and oil. A multi speed hub will help you peddle assist up that nasty bugger of a hill too.
As Allen says; do your research...
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