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Default Re: The new 'future' of motorized bikes?

I thought it really beautiful. The pics were done by a pro and all but could you imagine her with more of a cruiser frame and bars or even better, Bobber?
Be a fantastic looking bike. But needs pedals! ....and more power.

Lil to "Tron meets Board Tracker" as is.

I am in the E-bikes are the future camp, I guess. Everything said so far, pro & con is correct imo. My thinking is battery technology is the hurdle but massive, massive amounts of money is being invested into research & development.
Gotta love the thought of only one moving part in a motor.

Keep wondering with the electric cars. Instead of charging stations, why not have a system to swap out a battery pack? Sure it would require some sort of lift but work it like propane tanks. Of course doubling the number of batteries being produced and needing recycling would be far worse on the environment, but aside from that?
worst apocalypse ever
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