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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Today I stripped the case out- head bolts and heavy hands are a bad combination.
-Been working to eliminate frustration in my daily routine- So....No worries here.
I took 2 drill bits- from just below the gasket surface, from the side of the motor, I drill into the stripped socket....Then with the larger bit, I enlarge the hole I've made. Zip/Zip through that opening with my wire feed welder (actually took a min to get it right) I fill/weld from the bottom of the stud, kind've pinning it in place from the side of the case. Imagine a dowel pin if it were wood.....Torqued it all down and she held!
Short trip ran fine- Time will tell how long it'll stay solid.

No worries- Cheap solutions for Cheap Motors- Or Innovative was fun anyways!

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