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Default my 49cc modification/build thread

Last night I tore my engine down and port matched the intake and exhaust and cleaned up the ports, the hole in the intake gasket was probably half the size of the actual port. The base gasket covered probably 1/3 of the transfer port and there was a nasty casting lip where they enter the cylinder that I had to remove. I also sanded down the head mating surface til about half the raised lip was gone and I halfass sidegapped the plug and ground the the strap to a point. I just took her for a test drive and I noticed an increase in power across the board but particuly in the lowend and she also revs much more quickly but I think ill need to tune the carb a little and possibly jet up a size or two. I wouldnt say she runs like a raped ape yet but the gorilla has definitely been touched in an inappropriate way. Thank you to bikenut for your thread on how to reinstall the cylinder, I was having a **** of a time putting the piston in the cylinder u til I saw on there that there are pins in the ring lands that I had to align to.

Things to come: larger sproket, I had planned to go to a 56 from my 44 but someone recommend that I go with a 48 and that would provide a noticeable increase In pulling power withojt sacradicing too much speed but im only shooting for 25mph and the ability to climb all the hills around me.

The pipe I currently have is approximately 12-16 inches of header then a small expansion chamber then more small pipe followed by a coke can sized muffler, I had planned to buy an x chamber but from what ive read the setup I have is ideal for lowend torque but im not sure what im going to do.

I found some v brakes including the movable portion that pinches the wheel, the cablea, and he levers for 25$ so ill do that out if my nexr check for sure.

Im looking for a generaror and headlighr but all the ones I find online say they wont live at speeds above 15-20. Suggestions and advice will be appreciated.
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