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Default Are we "Bikesters"?

Just a thought- "bikers" brings to mind a totally different breed of two-wheeling fanatics than what we represent... granted, there ARE those on these forums who ALSO own and adore massive, powerful Harley-Davidsons... but they are not the norm, at least to my understanding. Sooo... I would not call us "bikers"- real bikers might take that wrong, and the general public would cast us in a category that we do not fit.

I submit the term "Bikesters"-

Bikers wear leathers and engineer boots.

Bikesters wear Hawaiian shirts and sneakers.

Bikers think 75hp is marginal.

Bikesters think 1.5hp is awesome.

Bikers get tickets for exceeding the speed limit.

Bikesters get tickets for not keeping up with traffic.

Bikers get tattoos regarding their lifestyle.

Bikesters get stickers.

... I could go on- what do you think?
Have you ever noticed.... those Polititians who want to ban private gun ownership also want to spend YOUR money like there's no tomorrow?

... Maybe they are afraid of us coming after them...?

the Old Sgt.
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