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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

FINALLY got my fill of the NT carb constantly flooding the wretched float... dropped the early CNC carb on... had to change controls as well... and could immediately feel the difference in performance. This went on my 'Flying Horse' on a 2010 blue Cranbrick (was called the "Beach Breeze" but now we call it "Grampa")... the Grubee manifold will not fit a FH btw. Used an aluminum 'wedding band' JB welded to the carb end to allow the carb to work. Love the way it handles.
Also started a rebuild on the clutch of a 2012 'Panama Jack' with a similar year Grubee motor- THAT will be finished tomorrow. There's also a 2012 24" Cranny that is (oddly enough) cranberry red... guess what we call it... that will require a minor retrofit of a gasket. Once all three are running, I will install what might turn into the ultimate in low-cost, reliable head/tail/brake/turn lights that run off the white wire... with four penlights as back up/voltage regulators! PLUS, no need for suppressive sparkplugs to allow the flasher to work!
Been buried in work these past few, but the weather is turning good and I will have my wrenching time! These suckers are FUN!!!
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