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Cool Re: How weak is Your weakest link?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
21 speed (jackshafted) four stroke Lifan CRF50 clone, 36v hub hybrid - built specifically for long distance heavy hauling. A test load nearing 500lbs (myself & cargo) strained it so little I didn't bother shifting.

The only "weak link" I've found so far is the front brakes under cargo load in hilly terrain, I'll be swapping the 160mm rotors for 203s for a touch more grip.
Yeah, I was looking into a jackshaft for this bike. When I was putting together my parts list, the jackshaft for the Huasheng was a questionable part to me. I've seen the modifications required to get some to work with a Chinese shaft. A few months later SBP came out with it.

How does your jackshaft do? On a scale of 1 - 10 where would you put it in reliability and helpfulness in pulling a load?

Looking forward to seeing more of this Hybrid tech in the future. As soon as you can charge your batteries from the motor, I'm in too. When I get further into my light system from a dynohub, I'll post some great electronics tips and some electrical theory behind self-sustained travel.
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