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Default Re: blown motorized bike carnage!

HA I HATE when I say anywho and how I end my youtube videos with there you have it. . . . iannoy the crap pout of myself with that and the more I try to not say it the more I say it! ahh!

to clarify, I have no problem with the wristpin retaining clips, if they are seated, they will be fine- when I refer to the rings failing I mean the piston rings. hence the carbon on the sides of the rings showing immense blowby

so I have been running the cheapo walmart stuff (didn't care cuz I always thought the bike kit was cheapo anyhow) but now I might get more serious seieng as how I rather have enjoyed my rides

was looking into the lucas brand of two stroke. I have always had good results with their products in automobiles.

anyone run that oil?

im still trying to stay on the cheaper side of oil with this bike.

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