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Default My Freewheel Wheel Sprocket Disintegrated

I've been riding "The Iron Dragon", my twin-engined monster daily for three months, about 500 miles. Yesterday on my way home, the engine on my Staton rear chain drive unexpectedly jumps into neutral at 25 mph. I coasted to a safe stop, lifted the bike onto the sidewalk and assessed the damage...

The 16tooth freewheel sprocket fell apart, and all the bearings were gone!

Soo, I turned the rear engine off, and motored home at 20 mph with the front engine.

The day before, the rear engine had started to surge and the chain had slackened. I thought it unusual that the chain was loose after several hundreds of miles' service. I made a mental note to check everything this weekend, but the sprocket expired yesterday. That must've been the reason the chain was loose.

I emailed Dave Staton, and am awaiting his reply.

Has this happened to anyone else with the freewheel sprocket on the wheel hub?
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