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Default Rim balance and using slime

Hi guys and gal (intrepid )

Recently I read a thread on the importance of balancing your rims and as such I have done this using small pieces of sheet lead , the results are great and although it makes little to no difference to the performance of the ride IMHO it definitely made for a smoother ride .
Now I suffered a puncture the other day 5km from my destination and had to walk 3 to a service (fuel) station to pump up the tyre ,thank god the puncture was slow enough to at least get me home as it was 30+ Celsius that arvo and with a freshly shaved noggin and no hat heatstroke was imminent

Now this lesson taught me to carry a small but versatile kit to fix any issue on the road and gave me the thought to acquire some slime.

For those that don't know what it is it's a liquid you add to a tube that will block a minor puncture as a temporary fix , it won't permanently repair the puncture but will hold up for a while ( some have said it has held for them for weeks without repair).

This is where it got me thinking about balance and slime , see I know from using slime many years ago an average bicycle tyre needed roughly 4 oz of slime per tube , that's a fair chunk of weight to add to a tube .

My question is ( understanding centrifugal force )would the slime evenly distribute over the tube , but would it ?? Really ... It is quite a viscous fluid and as such if it isn't distributed slowly the Gforce would bunch it up and effect the balance of the rim similar to a bucket of water on a rope science experiment

I'm going to do some testing to see what happens and deliberately puncture a tube to also see if the fibrous material that plugs the puncture collects and holds material essentially throwing the rim out of balance


Regards Henshooter
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