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Default Re: Pull starting a chinagirl

Pull start, or what is called recoil start? Don't mention those to me. I spent my afternoon working on a 1968 vintage 2 stroke Lawn-Boy mower belonging to a neighbor. The spring in the pull start broke, he found a source for parts, can you believe it, and got a new spring. He asked me if I'd install it for him. I agreed. He's a good neighbor.

I spent three hours today on that antique POS but managed to get the recoil starter working and the old mower starts and runs perfectly.

Just a note. This neighbor is not a poor man. He has some bucks. When I suggested he just buy a new mower he said he has "sentimental attachment" to the old Lawn-Boy.
Whatever... I know what he means. My Toro was a wedding present from my wife. This July it will be 28 years old. I hope I'm around when it's 46 years old. I'll probably still have it

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