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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Congratulations on your daughter Cruise!
I miss the days of watching my daughter grow up. It seems to happen soo fast.
I pray the best for all of you!
I am sorry to hear that you have no power. At least you have internet, I assume away from home though.
During our last power outage I figured out that our solar powered garden lights work great. Never worry about buying a bunch of batteries to keep them going.
I just pulled them out of the ground and propped them up in the house, shining on the ceiling for all over illumination. My daughter did her homework with one clipped to the drapes shining down on her desk.
"It's a chinagirl. It's a sometimes fun little engine that often will break your heart. It's disposable.

Does not come with a fortune cookie."
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