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Default Re: What I found while cleaning out the garage.

The cleanup is definitely on the downhill run now. This afternoon I was able to raise the roller door and actually wheel bikes in and out of the workshop, - I have not been able to do that for a very long time.
I am never never never going to let my workshop get in such a big mess again!

There was a final surprise though tonight. Back when I took early retirement I purchased all the workshop equipment I'd been wanting for a long time. Somehow though with me having been ill and then with looking after Mum when she developed dementia I completely forgot about one particular item that I'd purchased. When i first moved in here I must've stuck the thing in the bottom of my workshop cupboard and then forgot all about it.
It's not an easy thing to forget because it's made of cast steel and weights all of 25 kilos at least. So tonight when I was busy with tidying up my workshop cupboard and sorting fasteners and bicycle spare parts I discovered it in its tatty cardboard box and nearly did myself a mischief dragging it out into the light.

Alright alright, no more suspense, - I'll tell you what it is. It's a mandrel bending tool for accurately making bends in steel bar stock and steel rod. I'm not sure what possessed me to buy it, - it must've been on discount or something. I'm certain that I'm going to find it useful, but the thing's huge and it has this great long steel lever for making the bends with. Just as well I've got a good solid workbench made from native hardwood to bolt it to.
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