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Welcome to the brotherhood Dan. As 2Door said, not a big fan of HF machinery.
You need to learn basics like: Tramming in the vise or angle plate or what ever you have set up on the table. You will need to know basic math, and some geometry and trigonometry too. You will need a couple of magnetic bases and dial indicators, a .0005 test indicator and a indicoil. Do you have a tooling kit? If not you will need collets and a drill chuck, some end mills, machine wrenches, and a strap set to get started.
Never climb mill (your not experienced enough) always cut with your tool cutting towards and into the work surface, pushing against the cut.
When moving to a desired stationary location always move the table and saddle dials in a clockwise direction even if you have to pass the location in a counter clockwise direction and come back to it in a clockwise direction. This will help keep the table and saddle from jumping when your cutting tool makes contact with the work surface.
Use the table, saddle, and head locks to secure your location or to create a little drag in the movement. There is no need to torque down on the lock levers. Just a little push should do. Keep your machine clean and lubricated, don't over load it and it will last you a life time.
Keep your fingers and face out of the cutting area. Remove all jewelry. If you have long hair tie it back and wear short sleeves. Let the tool do the cutting forcing it will only wear it out faster. Use a water soluble coolant when cutting and drilling. I use a squirt bottle. Your mill may be mini but it will cut through flesh and bone like warm butter... Believe it!
There is so much to learn. If you have access to any applicable adult education programs in your community I strongly erg you to take classes. I am a tool maker with over 30 years of experience and I learn new tricks and tips all the time.
Should you need any assistance (and you will) PM me any time.
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