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Default Re: Custom Aluminum Cylinder Tank Build Input

The diagram is my first brainstorm to get the ideas across to the head of the shop. I'll draw some more precise drawings up tonight. This is the exact reason I'm posting in the forum asking for ideas so thank you.

The filler will be positioned high enough and tall enough to be able to fill the tank to capacity. This is the kind of feedback I need though... I'm looking for options that fit between the double-bars like the motor kids of the 20's and 30's (ie:evans) instead of the top tanks of the china doll kits.

An idea I have to increase capacity that would fit in with a tubular tank while keeping cost down is tapering the back end like the old school motorbike tanks, except tapering it like a cone, to use the angled part of the frame geometry. The downspout would still be located at the lowest point in the bottom rear.

The design idea is based around existing tooling for producing cylinder tanks for these go-karts, being able to use an orbital welder will keep cost down for me.

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