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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Thank you both!

Yeah, a nice paint job can be a lot of work, but for me its part of a hobby we here all enjoy.

I did one crappy bike paint job when I was about 10 or 11, and learned that you might as well try to do it right. You're going to spend time and about the same amount on paint doing a half-azzed job - might as well not try to rush it.

If you google "krylon x-metals jalopyjournal", there are a couple of examples of how good the red finish can look. Some guy restored an old tricycle for his kid and the pictures of the results look very good. He used a silver base coat, mine is gold with added glitter, but it seems like he certainly knows what he's doing with a rattle can. The effect is hard to capture in pictures because of the way the metallic base coat sparkles underneath as light moves across it.

I'll try to provide good pics soon.
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