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Default Correct me if I'm wrong $1,145.35 66cc kit

EBAY a guy is selling a bunch of kits granted he has the right to set any price he wants However when I asked him if this was a typographical error he replied verbatim

"Dear randt3160,

hello, dear
becasue there is something wrong with the quality about this shipment
we elevated the price on purpose to prevent buyer to place order so far
hope your undersatnding

P.S. Typos are not mine I copied the ebay mail exactly as I received it as to not edit it whats so ever . The unbelievable part is HE HAS SOLD 24 of them at this crazy price can you believe that!!
- elephantgodtattoo

80cc 2-Stroke Motorized Bicycle Bike Gas Engine Motor Kit #201032691878

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