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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

My motorized '73 Schwinn Continental is still all in parts - still painting her. Wish I had a spare MB, but other bikes are all purely leg-powered.

The paint job is going well. I'm down to doing the final clear coats. Don't know how many that will take, though. This is a "specialty" job I'm trying. My frame was totally bare metal, so I primed it with a black "rust restorer" paint. Looks like it will be a very good bare-metal primer. Forks were factory paint, so I just gray primered them. Then laid down the coats of gold for a base. Then clear just so I could sprinkle on some red glitter while the clear was still tacky. I know this sounds hideous, but it was just a very light, even amount to give a bit of a metal flake effect. It is looking awesome. Then the red Krylon X-Metals paint went on. Takes about 3 or 4 light coats to get the color nice and even. Then enough clear to get all the glitter flakes covered and enough to wet-sand flat and smooth.

Maybe another week. After the final clear coat, I like to "bake" it by having a space heater on it constantly for at least a few days.
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