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My wife was, at first, incredulous as to why I needed a scroll saw. I explained some of the various and sundry things it could do. I could tell she was softening up, but wasn't there yet. So I then told her it would also help me do welding.
"Welding?" she repeated, looking over the top of her glasses.
Yes, I explained, because the guy down the street from us expressed an interest in borrowing the scroll saw and, in return, agreed to let me borrow his old stick welder to practice with once he doesn't need it on his site. A man's access to tools is very often greater than the amount of tools he, himself, actually owns. Tools are sometimes like "Man Money", or "Man Collateral"; when you don't need the certain tool at that precise moment, you can trade it to a trusted neighbor in barter for a tool you need. Thus, you expand your "Usable Tool Base".
I'll never quite be able to interpret that next look she gave me. But at least she didn't say anything else.

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