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Default Re: shouted at and push off the road by a man in a white van

Originally Posted by NunyaBidness View Post
I do look like a felon. My hair goes all the way down my back, even if it is braided and my goatee is fairly long, mostly gray, with some beard growth as well. I also have a....'perpetually stoned' look to.
Some cops just want to mess with me. Just a few years ago, I would get angry with 'em and usually go to jail, now I just smile at 'em and be nice maybe crack a clean joke and they ask me about my bike and send me on my way.
It's all about how one handles themselves with the officer. Be nice, informed and polite and most of the time you will win out in the end.
hahahaha, "perpetually stoned look"....
>2door looks in the mirror. "Better wear a hat and sunglasses next time I go ridin'" He thinks.
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