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Default Re: shouted at and push off the road by a man in a white van

If this grouchy neighbor lives closeby and you're serious about taking up a new hobby may I suggest
Chainsaw Carving...
Every neighborhood seems to have one of these guys. I have one who hates dogs. He stopped me while on a walk with my two and asked, very rudely, "Did your dog s**t on my driveway?"
I told him, "No", then showed him the poop bags I carry to pick up after my dogs. I went on my way, angry and plotting a response to his nastily asked question. Later the same day I drove past his house and saw he had his 40 foot motorhome parked on the sidewalk. I called the police and not long after I see the black & white setting at his house and moments later the motorhome was moved. Made me feel great. Revenge isn't always the answer but...sometimes it feels so good.
I'm not advocating revenge to this young man but I agree that his parents should be informed and involved. Behavior like described could escalate into something much more serious.
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