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Default Re: Another Newbie to deal with...

Thanks for the kind words everyone
technically I guess I'm not so new at these 2 stroke toys, but this is my first bicycle build and I'm new to the forum so I gotta consider myself new for now... I'm still breaking in the engine properly but I do gun it for short bursts and then cruise it easy around the neighborhood keeping the trips under 30 minutes or so. Basically letting it get nice and warm but not too hot then letting it cool down all the way and going for another ride just a bit more agressively on the throttle than the previous ride.
The power is nice... nowhere near as nice as my Harley, but it's still a lot of fun and it's tempting to run it flat out every time I take off but I'm trying to restrain myself for one more tank ful before really getting into it...

Right now I'm doing a lot more reading than posting finding out more about CDI upgrades and carb upgrades etc, but I'll be sure to chime in and give my 2 cents when I got answers as well as ask a few questions of my own... I do look forward to getting to know everyone in here and trading ideas etc...

Here are a few of my Other bike... for your viewing pleasure... These were all built up and painted by me, but these bicycles are also a lot of fun (and cost way less ) so I wanted to build one to put around the neighborhood on... I'm sure it'll get some paint as soon as I decide how I want it to look

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