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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I drilled out both rear studs in my dax gen IV engine on my Kulana bike I have one of them that had broke up flush and I could not get it out so I drilled it and then tapped it with a 1/4-20 tap, so now that will be a good solid fix for that problem I hope.

I also got a set of springer forks and some old Wald ape handlebars put on my old 1963 Western Flyer bike, Im gonna put an engine on it tomorrow, for now Im putting the dax genIV on it that I took off the Kulana today, I uave another good engine sitting in the shop Im gonna slap on the Kulana bike for now, I have two more gen IV lowers still in the box that need to be built up, so when I have time Ill get one of them together and back on the Kulana.

Plan on getting my 30T sprocket mounted up on my 24" wheel tomorrow if all goes well may Ill have this bike ready to ride before the sun goes down tomorrow, its gonna be a unique bike compared to my others, I think it might end up being my favorite bike when its done.


Edit: no bike work today after all.... way to dang cold and windy to be outside..... dang-it, sure wanted to get that engine mounted up today.....!
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