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Default Re: Pull starting a chinagirl

I have a pull start on my Softtail.
They make the engine about an inch wider on the Mag side.
So will not allow the cranks to rotate on a lot of set ups.
Then requiring wider cranks, which will then limit your lean whilst peddling.
I find my engines will 4 stroke a bit for the first little while, till they warm up.
I find the pull start a very good addition to my shift kit, as I was bending the cheap steel cranks that came with my kit, probably due to high compression motor.
I was also finding it hard to get a full revolution of the cranks due to the gearing of the shift kit and again the 150 Psi compression. I also found that that I needed two chain tentioners on the secondary chain, one for motor power, and one for starting.
I'm not sure I could be bothered with the pull start without the shift kit, as It would mean mounting the motor higher to clear the cranks on my bikes.
I have had no problems with the pull starter as yet, despite hi compression motor. But was running a Decomp valve. However found the pull start to start my motor easily even without decomp valve. Makes me a little worried though to bring my motor back up to 150 Psi now that I no longer have head with decomp.
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