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Default Re: Pull starting a chinagirl

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Although I've never used one I read almost every post that comes into the forum and from what I've seen the pull starts for the Chinese 2 strokes aren't very dependable.

Just a word of advice. If your engine is hard to start the pull start won't make it any easier. You won't have to pedal as much but you'll still have to pull to get it running. I'd look at some other options like spark plug gap, choke position, carburetor tuning and ignition system. A well tuned engine should start quickly. Yes, you might need to use the choke and the engine will run better if allowed to warm a few seconds, not five minutes, but full or half choke for ten to fifteen seconds should help.

Ahh I see ,she isn't hard to start at all ,it's the warmup where she struggles a tiny bit , not enough to bother me so much but I need to travel 100m before she will give me full WOT , IN THE FIRST 30 seconds she's a tad shakey and I thought giving her a minute to warm up would be beneficial to the motor ,is it really worth it though ?

Cheers Tom

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