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Default Re: Pull starting a chinagirl

Originally Posted by Russell View Post
That one shown is the standard pull starter. I have had several over the years, and always carried a spare in my tool kit. This one and the so called HEAVY DUTY pullstart have diffrent problems. However I've had fairly good luck.

NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER fail to have the clutch handle pulled in when trying to start or jerk the pull. Failure to do that puts too much strain on the pull start. You may get away with forgetting once, but eventually you will pay the price.

However the pullstart will not help with the problem that you mentioned.

PS: That is a good price.
In what way won't it help?
basically I want to start my motor so it can warm up before I ride , at the moment I need to ride her up the road get her started and come back home to let her warm up for a minute on the side stand , I figured instead of riding up the street I could start her on the side stand before cruising down the road , a pull start should by rights achieve this yes?

Thanks for your input my friend

Regards Henshooter
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