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Default Re: What I found while cleaning out the garage.

The cleanup continues. With the storm today there wasn't much else I could do and besides I really want to get my work space properly clear so can carry on with my cyclecar build without falling over stuff.
Nice things keep turning up like three 28inch wheels with almost perfect plating on the rims Then there was the gaggle of rusty 20inch rear wheels with Sturmey Archer three speed hubs and Sachs kick back two speed hubs. I'll cut the hubs free of the spokes and they can go in my hub spare parts box. The remains of the wheels can go back to the tip.

With the heavy rain I discovered that I have a leak in the garage roof and that overnight water had been dripping steadily into the box where I keep my huge collection of vintage Chater-Lea frame lugs
I am not at all looking forward to getting that lot dried out and safely reboxed again as there are dozens and dozens of them.

In addition to my cyclecar build I want to get my old Hercules tricycle rebuilt with a longer wheelbase and a vintage looking cargo box body. Now that I've dug out my tube bending kit from the cobwebs and shadows I'll be able to make a start on getting the longer subframe made.

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