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Default Another Newbie to deal with...

Hi, I'm Dave and I'm in San Antonio Texas, been a chronic DIYer all my life and decided just out of the blue to get me one of those PK80 kits and then get a mountain bike to put it on. Being that I love to tinker with things I did some minor port work onn the piston and installed a Fred head before I had the thing installed, I was gonna keep it stock til I bvroke it in at least, but that idea went right out the window.. lol Then after about 5 miles of riding it easy I decide to see what it's got and find out it's quick on top but has trouble getting there so I'm eye balling my old pocket bike that I hadn't ridden since my son wrecked it so I took off the expansion chamber and after a little cutting and welding it fit my new project perfectly, this more than fixed the lack of acceleration, but I'm far from done with it... I'll put some more miles on it and once everything is loosened up inside I'll do some cylinder porting and bump up the compression etc. I'm also interested in upgrading the ignition and possibly using a KX60 expansion chamber in the near future as well. I'm not really concearned too much with longevity since parts are cheap, but I do plan on doing everything right so it won't break when I'm 5 miles from home etc...

Anyway, I've been reading a lot in here the past few weeks and I'm impressed with the knowledge passed around so I decided to register and share some myself...

Here's a pic of my ride while I'm at it...

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