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Default Some more old friends return.

The Kuwahara fixie continues to ride as tight and smooth as the day I built it. The thin 700c rims and tires are holding up with little to no wear or problems. The brakes show no wear, wheel bearings still smooth and tight, even the chain is still right. The #41 industrial roller chain this bike has is totally bulletproof although it does cause a bit more drag when pedaling.
I remember being quite skeptical when this build first came in, but I must say, it is holding up better than most and was a great buy at $79 for the bike!

The other is the more ridden of the two bikes since the owner totes his young daughter around at any excuse. His son rides the fixie sometimes, but it does not see as much use as this workhorse Schwinn.
Another good running reliable stocker. The rear wheel needed bearing adjustment this time but is holding up fairly well. It is going to need tires and brake pads soon.
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