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Default Re: Hey guys! Have a cruiser bike and hill climbing power would be nice..

Thank you! I'm aware of the quality found in bikes from Walmart, and this one has a few noises I have to work on currently. There are 3 places I'll be using this bike.
1) To the lake, under a mile one way.
2) The Dawkins Line Trial that will run 36 miles when complete, currently 16 miles are complete. This is a non-motorized trail.
3) To town if I can get over that hill with only a reasonable amount of effort peddling.

The first 2 can be done without added power, the last can also be accomplished without power but not a very enjoyable ride.

Personally, if your budget was $700 max, what bike and motorized solution would you invest in, and for what reasons would you base your choice on?
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